Monday, April 10, 2017

H - Half-Hearted #AtoZChallenge

"Did you take the tablets?"

"Um. em..No."

"Are you kidding me!? Do you want to keep doing this forever? Why cant you do the bare minimum? "

"Aww. C'mon. I want much as you do..."

Raised eyebrows.

"Did you check your temperature?"


"Did you log the symptoms? I can't believe you! Do you want to go through that torture again?"

"I don't knowwww! I don't feel ready yettt. I know you feel the same too. And you don't even have to go through anything. I have to give up everything I like doing...I am not ready for this phase yet.. I dont knoww...Every month, I suppress my deepest fear --- what if the wriggly little thing made it this time?"

"Look, I understand, but we cannot let this go on forever. Things will only get complicated. Lets just decide. Do you wanna be, or not?"

Thank you for dropping by :) The theme of my posts this year, for the A-Z challenge, is To Show, Not Tell. I hope you enjoyed this piece.


  1. Hmm.....half-hearted beginnings can very well ruin the future, I tell you!

  2. Good job Sampada. I was a bit confused about this sentence "Why cant you do the bare minimum?"

  3. Well written. I'm assuming this is about someone's life threatening disease. I could feel the characters' anxiety.


    Do drop by mine.

  4. Are they trying to avoid pregnancy? or get pregnant? or something else? That's what the dialogue seemed to imply..

    Celebrating 'Women & their work' all April @NamySaysSo Sub-Inspector of RPF, Rekha Mishra is on a rescue mission

  5. You've not updated your blog since a long time now. Was eagerly waiting to read your stuff. All well?


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